The X-Change Files is sponsored by The Science & Entertainment Exchange, a program of the National Academy of Sciences that connects the entertainment industry with top scientists and engineers. Relying on the special resources available to the National Academy of Sciences, The Exchange makes introductions, schedules briefings, and arranges consultations for anyone developing science-based entertainment content.

The X-Change Files explores the intersections of science and entertainment, regularly taking a look at the ways in which science is portrayed in film and television. Given that science is often the basis for provocative and compelling storylines, we’ll also highlight the latest scientific discoveries. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll examine the ways in which public opinion is shaped and behavior is changed by what people see on their television sets and in the movie theaters.

Recognizing the power of the popular media to shape society’s outlook, The X-Change Files and The Science & Entertainment Exchange hope to facilitate a dialog that will help bring the reality of engaging science to the creative arts.

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