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Featured Entertainer: Jon Spaihts

Since Jon Spaihts first appeared on the Hollywood scene in 2007 with the inclusion of his SciFi/Romance script Passengers on the highly coveted "Black List," he's had a meteoric rise to the very top of the industry.  Jon's worked with Ridley Scott, Keanu Reeves, and Jerry Bruckheimer to name a few.  Most recently he's been asked to reboot The Mummy for Universal.  The son of a computer programmer and an electrical engineer, his passion for science is evident in all of his projects, however none more than his current film, Prometheus

Scientist Spotlight: David Saltzberg

For many years, UCLA Professor David Saltzberg has been a leading thinker in particle physics.  Since 2006, he's also had a job title he may never have set out to put on his CV, but has proven hugely rewarding: science consult for the beloved CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory.  Whether it's adventuring in Antarctica, or advising by the camera, he always seems to be doing something story worthy.  We recently caught up with him to ask a few questions about science in entertainment, what it means to have a passion for the most cutting edge physics in the world, and what roles the two may

Featured Entertainer: Jon Turteltaub

Fresh from the Air Force Entertainment Industry Tour, director / producer Jon Turteltaub sits down with The Exchange to share about science advising, working with The Exchange, and his current project.

Why did you choose to work with The Exchange while making The Sorcerer’s Apprentice? What advice were you seeking? Which scene or scenes needed input from a scientist?

Scientist Spotlight: John Calkins

When CBS first aired The District in 2000, it was the first time a prime-time television series incorporated a geographic information system (GIS) as a key part of the story with a GIS/crime analyst (Lynne Thigpen). John Calkins, corporate technical evangelist for Esri, helped bring GIS to life in The District, and he continues to assist Hollywood as a volunteer consultant for The Exchange.

Featured Entertainer: Filip Sablik

Filip Sablik works in a place to which Hollywood turns (besides The Exchange) when it's looking for great ideas - he's a comic book writer/publisher.  As the Publisher at Top Cow Productions, he oversees some of the biggest non-Marvel/DC properties in the business including Witchblade, The Darkness, and Wanted.  From concept, to inks, to distribution Filip's there to hire the talent and oversee quality control.  It's a big job, and one that often leads to feature film development.  As a writer, his books The Asset and Last Mortel have bee

Featured Entertainer: Jon Amiel

Dream huge. Dare more. From watching classic movies in his youth to directing his first movie in his late 30s, filmmaker Jon Amiel shares what inspires him and talks about science in the movies.

Tell us about your background. What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Scientist Spotlight: Aaron Blaisdell

Practitioners of science and fiction are both in the business of exploring the question “what if?” For a scientist the question is a hypothesis to be tested, for the fiction storyteller the question is explored in the medium of film or writing. UCLA psychology associate professor and Exchange consultant Aaron Blaisdell takes us on an adventure of animal behavior, what inspires him, and the value of a great story.

Tell us about your background. What inspired you to become an expert on animal behavior? Why is it important to study animal behavior?

Scientist Spotlight: Alice Wessen

Come explore the universe with Alice Wessen, Manager, Solar System Missions Education and Public Outreach at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)!  Learn about her inspirations, thoughts on science in entertainment, and bringing the JPL missions to life for students and the general public.

Tell us about your background. What inspired you to work at the JPL?

Under The Microscope: Covert Affairs

Kevin Crowley admits it is a struggle to express things in layman’s terms due to primarily working in scientific environments where shorthand technical terms are the norm, but he was more than happy to help the writers of USA Network’s Covert Affairs. Covert Affairs is a one-hour spy drama television series with writers Chris Ord and Matt Corman at the helm.

Featured Entertainer: Maggie Malone

Did you ever wonder about the science behind your favorite animated movie?  Maggie Malone, director of development at Walt Disney Animation Studios, shares about her what inspired her to make movies, science consulting, and much more!

Tell us about your background. What inspired you to want to make movies, and what led you to your current position at Disney Animation?