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Scientist Spotlight: Jessica Cail

Jessica Cail is a high-flying scientist, literally! Splitting her time between the classroom, the circus tent and the big screen, Dr. Cail  wows audiences and students alike with her unique combination of science chops and stunt skills. Oh, and in her free time she is also a beloved Exchange consultant!

Featured Entertainer: Gary Whitta

Hollywood writer, Gary Whitta, has worked on some of the most exciting sci-fi projects of 2012. See what he's up to in 2013 and his advice for young, aspiring screenwriters. 

Scientist Spotlight: Kevin Crowley

Radiation safety was of the utmost importance after the Fukushima accident in Japan. Radiation expert and Exchange consultant, Kevin Crowley, was asked by the band Linkin Park to see if the area was safe. Kevin chats with us about how he got to that point in his career and what it's like to work for The National Academies. 

Scientist Spotlight: James Peaco III

Tell us about your background. How did you end up working with the FBI? What did you do previously?
Prior to the FBI I served as an Infantry Officer in the US Marine Corps. I received my commission as an Officer after graduating from the US Naval Academy in 1992. At the Naval Academy I earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science. The Naval Academy is a technically oriented school that requires a core curriculum of math and science, which is why my degree is a Bachelors of Science degree.

Scientist Spotlight: Steve Lichten

JPL scientist, Steve Lichten, talks to us about his childhood dream job, building a telescope from scratch and what would happen if we found life on Mars. 

Scientist Spotlight: Laurie Kinney

Television reporter turned science wonk, Laurie Kinney, talks to us about Russian spy technology and The Exchange's request to learn how to build WMDs with parts found in “interesting places.”

Scientist Spotlight: Philip Plait

Astronomy-wizard, Philip Plait takes science to the extreme with his blog, Bad Astronomy. See where this "science geek" got his start, where he's going and what he likes to watch on television in this edition of the Scientist Spotlight. 

Scientist Spotlight: Kevin Grazier

 A recovering JPL rocket scientist, writer / producer Kevin Grazier is also currently the science advisor on TNT's Falling Skies, Syfy's upcoming epic Defiance, and the summer blockbuster Gravity.  In his spare time, he volunteers as a science consultant for The Exchange.  

Scientist Spotlight: Russ Maheras

Russ Maheras may have the coolest job in the world.  As an Entertainment Liaison for the United States Air Force, he's tasked with bringing together our nation's best aviators with film and television production and development teams.  He leads base tours as well as interacting with filmmakers anytime they have questions about how the Air Force works or would like to shoot on a base.  How did he get this job?  He told us that story and many others…

Scientist Spotlight: Laura Rose Semo Scharfman

From adventure sports to reaching for the stars, Laura Rose Semo Scharfman, an avionics mechanical engineer at Space X, is always on the go.  Explore her early inspiration, science in the movies, and thoughts on women in engineering. 

Tell us about your background.   What inspired you to become an engineer?  What drew you to the space program?