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Science of TRON

Listen to audio from the "Science of TRON" panel, featuring director Joe Kosinski, producer Sean Bailey, and science consultants Sean Carroll & John Dick. Learn More


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Scientist Spotlight: Kevin Grazier

 A recovering JPL rocket scientist, writer / producer Kevin Grazier is also currently the science advisor on TNT's Falling Skies, Syfy's upcoming epic Defiance, and the summer blockbuster Gravity.  In his spare time, he volunteers as a science consultant for The Exchange.  

Featured Entertainer: Jaime Paglia

Eureka was the first show to be considered appointment viewing on the SyFy network for many cable subscribers. Like Mad Men for AMC, Eureka caused the industry to take notice of an entire channel for the first time, thanks to its clever writing, great characters, and unique blend of science fiction and soap. We had a chance to ask a few choice questions of one of the show’s creators, Jaime Paglia, and learned all about his roots, interests, tastes, and what is next now that Eureka ended its brilliant run.