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Scientist Spotlight: Kevin Grazier

 A recovering JPL rocket scientist, writer / producer Kevin Grazier is also currently the science advisor on TNT's Falling Skies, Syfy's upcoming epic Defiance, and the summer blockbuster Gravity.  In his spare time, he volunteers as a science consultant for The Exchange.  

Scientist Spotlight: Laura Rose Semo Scharfman

From adventure sports to reaching for the stars, Laura Rose Semo Scharfman, an avionics mechanical engineer at Space X, is always on the go.  Explore her early inspiration, science in the movies, and thoughts on women in engineering. 

Tell us about your background.   What inspired you to become an engineer?  What drew you to the space program?

Scientist Spotlight: Jessica Brommelhoff

 “Science is magic that works.” From an early age, Jessica Brommelhoff, neuropsychology post-doctoral fellow at UCLA’s Semel Institute and Exchange consultant, was draw to science.  Explore her early inspiration, science in the movies, and alien hand syndrome.    

What drew you to science in general and to the study of the relationship between depression and dementia?

Featured Entertainer: Justin Springer

Justin Springer may have grown up nowhere near the film industry, but now he's one of the most talented young producers at Disney.  Working on Tron: Legacy, and on a variety of film projects, he's found a way to smartly combine art, science, and story.  We had a chance to ask him a few questions about his background, his interests in making films with real science sprinkled into great plots, and why science is critical to great filmmaking.

Tell us about your background. What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Featured Entertainer: Jon Spaihts

Since Jon Spaihts first appeared on the Hollywood scene in 2007 with the inclusion of his SciFi/Romance script Passengers on the highly coveted "Black List," he's had a meteoric rise to the very top of the industry.  Jon's worked with Ridley Scott, Keanu Reeves, and Jerry Bruckheimer to name a few.  Most recently he's been asked to reboot The Mummy for Universal.  The son of a computer programmer and an electrical engineer, his passion for science is evident in all of his projects, however none more than his current film, Prometheus

Featured Entertainer: Jon Amiel

Dream huge. Dare more. From watching classic movies in his youth to directing his first movie in his late 30s, filmmaker Jon Amiel shares what inspires him and talks about science in the movies.

Tell us about your background. What inspired you to become a filmmaker?