12.14.16 Science Speed Dating, Los Angeles

Speed Dating Los Angeles 12.14.16

Attendees are separated into different rooms. Seven scientists rotate through each room, switching out every seven minutes, giving attendees a glimpse into compelling worlds. It is just like “speed dating,” but with a more intellectual kind of romance.

Afterward, writer/director/producer Wendy Calhoun hosted an excellent Q and A session.

Here were our seven “dates”:

Jody Puglisi

Profession: Structural Biology Professor, Stanford

Interest: The role of ribonucleic acids in promoting health and fighting disease

Naval Aircraft Carrier Tour

Recently, I was given the rare opportunity to spend a few days on a Naval aircraft carrier while it was out at sea. On the morning of November 8, I, and a handful of others who work in the entertainment industry, met at the North Island Naval Base in Coronado, California. After learning about its history and getting briefed about the carrier and what to expect during the next few days, we were off.

Science of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jon Spaihts MC's Science of the MCU
Jon Spaihts, Screenwriter, DOCTOR STRANGE, was our MC for the night.

Throughout its history, Hollywood has struck cinematic gold again and again with a simple yet irresistible concept: the superhero film. The idea of individuals — whether human, mutant, or extraterrestrial — that use their powers for good has escapism, thrills, and hope for humanity all wrapped up into one slick-looking package.

The Future Is Happening Now

Casey Handmer at The Future Is Happening Now
Casey Handmer, Hyperloop One

Instead of spending an hour on a cramped airplane — or plodding along in a car for six hours — what if you could get from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes?

The Science of Submarine Warfare

The Science of Submarine Warfare with The Force & Admiral Roegge of the U.S. Navy
Force Master Chief Russell Mason & Rear Admiral Fritz Roegge

I took a World Cinema class my sophomore year of college. My teacher, who had spent several years studying in Germany, insisted on showing us Das Boot (1981). Before that, my experience with submarines had included the Beatles hit, the now-long-forgotten ride at Disneyland, and some late-night re-runs of Operation Petticoat.

Das Boot was something else.

Science Speed Dating

Merry Wang, Science Speed Dating
Merry Wang, Autodesk (photo credit: Steve Lucero / BFA)

“The future is cool. Don’t let anyone scare you into thinking otherwise.”
—John Rogers

The Future of Air & Space

Future of Air & Space
Lt. General Steven Kwast, Dr. Yvonne Cagle, Dr. Jennifery Byrne, and Diana Williams

“We went to the Moon as technicians; we returned as humanitarians.”
Edgar Mitchell, Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo 14

2016 NASCAR Tour

Group at NASCAR

“It’s not about faith in technology. It’s about faith in people.” —Steve Jobs

Another Night of Total Destruction

Night of Total Destruction

Superheroes smashing into buildings won’t do enough damage. An alien invasion probably won’t account for Will Smith saving the day. And robots taking over just feels overdone. So why must we worry about anyone else destroying our planet when we’re perfectly capable of doing it ourselves?