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Science of TRON

Listen to audio from the "Science of TRON" panel, featuring director Joe Kosinski, producer Sean Bailey, and science consultants Sean Carroll & John Dick. Learn More

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Comic-Con Video Posts!

The Science & Entertainment is proud to show you the full unedited video of our Comic-con panel. Just posted on Science Not Fiction. Watch brilliant minds of science and entertainment waxing poetic on all things SciFi. Jaime Paglia (co-Executive Producer of Eureka), Kevin Grazier (Battlestar Galactica and Eureka science adviser), Jane Espenson (Dollhouse, Battlestar, Caprica, and lots more), Ricardo Gil da Costa (science adviser for Fringe), and Rob Chiappetta and Glenn Whitman (writers for Fringe).

Dances with Dolphins

Fans of the old TV series Flipper might not know about Ric O'Barry, a one-time dolphin trainer who trained the two female bottlenose dolphins featured on that show. But that could change with the release this weekend of The Cove, a hard-hitting documentary O'Barry made with former National Geographic photographer Louie Psihoyas about the "dolphinarium" market -- the worldwide trade in captive dolphins.

The Double-Edged Sword

The Science & Entertainment Exchange co-hosted a panel discussion over the weekend in conjunction with Discover Magazine at San Diego Comic-Con. Bad Astronomer Phil Plait served as moderator for the event, which featured Jaime Paglia (Eureka showrunner), Kevin Grazier (JPL and technical consultant for Eureka and Battlestar Galactica) Rob Chiappetta and Glen Whitma (Fringe staff writers), Ricardo Gil da Costa (The Salk Institute and a consultant on Fringe), and Jane Espenson (Caprica showrunner).

G-Force: The Unauthorized Biography

With G-Force entering the market this week, an underdog to supplant the mighty Harry Potter, we at The Exchange immediately thought, "There's no science here." Then, we realized that in the scientific community guinea pigs have a special history, a centuries-old relationship. It's a little known tale of love, loss, and even triumph. So here it is: the true guinea pig, selfless helper of humanity.

Neither a pig nor from Guinea, these strange rodents evolved to maximum cuteness in the Andes. They immediately became popular as household pets upon their introduction to Europeans in the 16th century due to their relative low maintenance, good looks, and easy temperament - in other words: their high threshold for being abused by children without seeking revenge.

Graphic Allure

We do a lot with film and TV here at the Science & Entertainment Exchange, but we also have a strong appreciation for the world of comics/graphics novels -- often a source of inspiration for the rest of the entertainment industry. So we were thrilled to learn, via io9, of a fabulous new webcomic, The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage.

Professor Zombie

In the last decade, there has been a resurgence in mainstream Hollywood of zombie projects.

An Amaz!ng Weekend

Magician and escape artist James Randi (a.k.a., The Amazing Randi) has had a long illustrious career in entertainment, including a stint traveling with Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies tour in the 1970s. He has had an equally illustrious career promoting science and skepticism -- and "debunking" charlatans,a la Harry Houdini. (He broke Houdini's record for survival in a sealed coffin by 11 minutes in 1955.)

And his James Randi Educational Foundation -- now headed by Bad Astronomer Phil Plait -- sponsors The Amaz!ing Meeting, held last weekend at South Point Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mad for the Moon

On June July 20th, 1969, more than five hundred million people witnessed a monumental scientific achievement in the most viewed television event of its day. With the fortieth anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first steps on the moon coming up this month, we’re reminded of science’s ability to inspire us as well as human innovation and creativity’s capacity to advance our kind.

Since the invention of language, people have romanticized and marveled at the soft glowing orb that passes us by nightly. Whether it was worshipping it as a God or promising it to a loved one, the moon has always fascinated humanity - Hollywood is no different.

Prospecting Potter

When we tell you that there are teaching moments in every film that could get a conversation started about science, we really do mean every film. We can prove it too. We’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Here’s a film about magic that takes place in a fantastical land where anything seems possible and Muggle science feels misguided and trivial… or so you thought.

Inspiration in Ice

With Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs hitting theaters this weekend, we have a good example of a film that may play fast and loose with reality, but nonetheless serves to inspire kids to think about science.