On June July 20th, 1969, more than five hundred million people witnessed a monumental scientific achievement in the most viewed television event of its day. With the fortieth anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first steps on the moon coming up this month, we’re reminded of science’s ability to inspire us as well as human innovation and creativity’s capacity to advance our kind.

Since the invention of language, people have romanticized and marveled at the soft glowing orb that passes us by nightly. Whether it was worshipping it as a God or promising it to a loved one, the moon has always fascinated humanity - Hollywood is no different.

From George Melies’ early silent film A Trip to the Moon, to Duncan Jones’ Moon, there will always be compelling story to tell in moon adventures. Just as JFK captured our imagination with the promise that a man would walk on the moon in 1961, so does Hollywood today as it postulates on the future, dreaming of colonies and space stations. And if history is any measure, the science fiction films we see today will inspire technical innovation and new technologies in future generations.

[CORRECTION: The moon landing occurred on July 20th, 1969, not June 20th. Thanks to steven for catching that.]


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